A Multifaceted Approach Gives You a Better Result

October 8, 2020 12:35 pm Published by

It’s tempting to think about a facelift as one, single procedure that is going to “fix all your problems” and “turn back the hands of time” and “make you look like a movie star.” The truth is, like many complex things in life, rejuvenating your look requires a nuanced, multifaceted approach to address the signs of aging on multiple levels.... Read the full post

Personalized Serums to Boost your Brightness

October 17, 2018 10:34 am Published by

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the addition of D.O.S.E. to my practice. My practice is the first in Arizona and one of only twenty two locations in the country to offer this exciting new technology from Skinceuticals. No, D.O.S.E. does not have to do with your caffeine order in the morning or a drug prescription. If you are... Read the full post


November 20, 2017 2:15 pm Published by

Not a day goes by in my office when I don’t shake my head over stories I hear from patients about their experiences receiving “non-invasive” treatments to their faces. There has been an absolute explosion in patient interest in these treatments, including Botox and filler. When performed expertly the results can be truly stunning, however, when performed inexpertly disastrous consequences... Read the full post


September 8, 2017 1:41 am Published by

I love a day at the beach as much as anyone, however, when outdoors, especially at the beach or poolside, I make using appropriate sun protection a top priority for both myself and my family. I always tell my patients the earlier they start a consistent sun and skin care regimen, the better their chances are of avoiding many reparative... Read the full post

The One Skincare Product You Really Need

September 26, 2016 12:21 pm Published by

The skincare industry is huge. Hundreds of products line drugstore and department store shelves, each promising to deliver more youthful, radiant skin. It can be difficult to know what you really need to keep your skin healthy, much less which products live up to their claims. While an effective anti-aging skin care program should be multifaceted and personalized to an... Read the full post

Is the Way You Sleep Making You Look Older?

September 8, 2016 10:41 am Published by

Do you wake up each morning to find your face marked with lines and creases from your pillow and wonder if the way you sleep is affecting your appearance? If so, you’re not the only one asking if you can get wrinkles while sleeping. Researchers have been studying the effects of sleep position on wrinkle formation, and what they found... Read the full post

Your Skin Can Glow, Even If It’s Grey Out

February 29, 2016 2:28 pm Published by

Sun damaged skin is a common problem in Arizona. And with sun damage comes excessive pigmentation and blotchy skin color. In the past, trying to improve unsightly skin pigmentation has proven frustrating, as over-the-counter products simply didn’t work and most doctor-prescribed products came with side effects. Not to worry; help is on the way! Advancements in Pigment-Restoring Products Healthy skin... Read the full post

How Effective are Laser Treatments?

February 5, 2015 7:17 pm Published by

Laser skin treatments can provide excellent results for a number skin ailments, however, they are not always appropriate for addressing loose or excess skin of the face. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Patti Flint discusses what options are best-suited to lifting the tissue and creating a youthful, natural-looking result. If you’d like to know more about your facial rejuvenation options,... Read the full post

Combination Procedures & Treatments: Getting the Most Out of Anti-Aging Skin Intervention

January 29, 2015 10:28 pm Published by

Have you considered facial rejuvenation treatments but worry that the results won’t look natural? If you are having a hard time pinpointing exactly what treatment you should choose to look younger, healthier, or better refreshed, you are not alone. The truth is, facial aging is a complex process, and finding the right solution often means finding the right combination of... Read the full post

Is Fat Grafting a Good Solution for Facial Rejuvenation?

January 27, 2015 6:47 pm Published by

Although fat grafting is often cited in the media as an option for facial rejuvenation, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Patti Flint finds the results to be unnatural and often temporary. Watch this video with Patti Flint, MD to find out why. If you want to learn about your facial rejuvenation options, contact our office today. Video Transcription: Fat grafting... Read the full post

Removing Brown Spots and Fine Lines with TCA Peels

April 9, 2013 3:03 am Published by

I am extremely excited to announce the additional expansion of my skin care treatments to include in-office TCA peels. I have long desired to expand my in-office skin care treatments, and have always been pleased with the results TCA peels provide, but in the past, I only performed this procedure in the operating room.  This procedure is not invasive and... Read the full post

How Do I Obtain an Invisible Scar?

April 25, 2012 2:13 pm Published by

Prospective patients ask me this question every week. I don’t blame them for wanting an invisible scar, but it is not possible. Instead, the goal should be to obtain the best scar possible. Most people have unrealistic expectations of what surgical scars should look like. In this article, I will dispel some of the myths regarding surgical scars and their treatments,... Read the full post

How Much Do You Know About Scars?

April 24, 2012 7:47 pm Published by

I hear more myths from patients about scarring than about any other topic, so I decided to create this short quiz and then write an article containing the answers for my November e-newsletter. So go ahead and test your knowledge and be sure to check your answers when your newsletter arrives. True or False: Vitamin E helps scars fade. True... Read the full post

Introducing BOTOX® & New Facial Peels!

April 24, 2012 5:37 pm Published by

I have begun offering epidermal skin peels to increase the impact my skin care programs have on your skin’s health and appearance. Epidermal peels treat the surface of the skin, and therefore have limited-to-no downtime. Certain peels are designed to remove unwanted pigmentation, others are designed to provide a healthy glow, and still others are designed to minimize fine lines.... Read the full post

Skin Care

April 24, 2012 4:29 pm Published by

Facial rejuvenation is a passion of mine. Because I started out as a head and neck microsurgeon reconstructing difficult defects under the microscope that occurred due to cancers, I developed a fascination with facial anatomy. In my ongoing study of the aging face, I have learned that the most complete and natural rejuvenation requires a multi-prong approach. For instance, surgery... Read the full post

New Additions

April 24, 2012 3:42 pm Published by

I am really excited about all the positive changes that are occurring in my practice in 2011. I have hired three new employees who have a wealth of experience in the aesthetic industry. I have a new practice manager, an additional patient care coordinator, and a certified medical assistant to compliment my existing staff. Our goal is (and has always... Read the full post

Menopause and Wrinkles

April 23, 2012 8:38 pm Published by

Most women know that the lower production of estrogen and progesterone that occurs with menopause can lead to osteoporosis, but few know that it also has a profound impact on the appearance and quality of their skin. Dyness and wrinkling of our skin increase because we lose as much as 30% of our skin’s collagen in the first five years... Read the full post

Cellulite Cure

April 23, 2012 7:52 pm Published by

That is an attention-getting title, and regrettably there is no such thing as a permanent cellulite cure. I get asked about cellulite in my office every single day. Unlike what we see in the magazines, most women do have cellulite. (The majority of men do not have cellulite.) It does tend to increase with age, and to some degree with... Read the full post

How to Pick the Right Sunblock

April 23, 2012 6:36 pm Published by

So we all know that the term “SPF” stands for “sun protection factor,” but did you know that it only relates to the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays? UVA rays penetrate the skin 30 to 40 times deeper than UVB rays, causing sunburn, aging, and skin cancer. So it is very important that you use a sunblock that has both... Read the full post