“I have designed my practice to help people who are like me,” says Patti Flint, MD. “I cater to those who want to look as good and as natural as they can at any given age. It is a tall order, but I have always said, ‘If I can’t do the procedure and make it look natural, I am not going to do it.’ I have always wanted to emphasize exemplary service. Therefore, my staff and I treat patients like family. medical education that allows me to stay very current.” We work diligently to gain your trust and to maintain it. I strive to provide a wide spectrum of cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments, and I am committed to continuing medical education that allows me to stay very current.”

No. 1

Phoenix Fits

While Dr. Flint was born and raised in California and completed her undergraduate education there, she moved to Phoenix to complete her general surgery training. “During those five years,” she says, “I learned a lot about the area and knew I wanted to come back to the Phoenix area to establish my practice. I was amazed at the number of plastic surgeons who practiced there, as well as the quality of work they were doing. I wanted to be held to that standard and to be in a geographic area where plastic surgery was embraced. And let’s face it: The weather is not bad either!”

No. 2

Dedicated Staff

Dr. Flint is proud of her staff. I carefully selected my staff because of their knowledge, experience, and dedication, but most importantly because they are compassionate people who really care about my patients. They are also conscientious about the service they provide. Whether you need a question answered, help with travel arrangements, or just a hug, my staff members are there both before and after surgery to lend a hand.

No. 3

Locations in Scottsdale & Mesa

Dr. Flint maintains offices in Scottsdale and Mesa. “I truly enjoy the patients I meet in these fairly disparate areas of the Valley. I realized early in my practice that I would always want to maintain both offices. While many have suggested I branch out into Southern California as well, it is important to me that I am always available to my patients in Arizona, and I don’t want to be spread too thin.”


No. 4

Here to Stay

“I have now been practicing plastic surgery in Arizona for over 20 years, and I plan to continue to do so through the end of my career. I have already operated on three generations of several families and hope to extend that to four generations before I retire. Once you become a patient in my practice, my staff and I strive to be the only plastic surgery practice you will ever need.”