BOTOX© cosmetic


If wrinkles or creases on the forehead or between the eyebrows are causing you to look angry or worried, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections can be an excellent option to achieve a more refreshed, approachable appearance. Lines around the eyes and forehead form as a result of muscle contractions. When contractions become habit, these “expression lines” are apparent even when a person’s face is at rest. BOTOX works by preventing the muscles responsible for forming wrinkles from working so hard. In turn, expression lines diminish significantly or can even disappear for several months.

What types of wrinkles can BOTOX treat?

BOTOX is FDA approved to temporarily soften lines in the glabellar and peri-orbital areas, such as: Frown lines (the “elevens”), Crow’s feet (fine lines on the outside of your eyes), and Brow furrows.

BOTOX can be used judiciously in other areas of the face as well. If you feel your upper teeth or gums show too much when you smile, BOTOX can relax your upper lip. If you feel your chin looks bunched up when you speak, it can relax the muscles around your chin that cause this “cobblestoning.”


The first step is to meet with Dr. Flint for a consultation. If she determines that BOTOX is an appropriate treatment, she can usually perform injections at the same appointment. However, you must avoid anti-inflammatory agents such as aspirin and ibuprofen one week prior to your treatment to avoid bruising. Injections take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Discomfort is very minimal; no anesthesia is required. Following treatment, some minimal bruising or swelling is normal. Results are usually in full effect at two weeks after receiving BOTOX injections. Post-treatment photos are generally taken about three to four weeks post-treatment. The wrinkle-reducing effects can last three months.

How can I be sure BOTOX injections will look natural?

When BOTOX is injected into the muscle by an experienced expert, it does not result in an unnatural appearance. Dr. Flint’s training and experience as a board certified plastic surgeon gives her an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and proportion that is essential for achieving natural results with BOTOX for each patient. You will still be able to make normal facial expressions, only without the severe expression lines. For very deep creases, Dr. Flint can supplement BOTOX with fillers to soften these lines without “overdoing” BOTOX.

A comprehensive approach for longer-lasting results

Dr. Flint’s goal with facial rejuvenation is to both accomplish the immediate goals at hand and help you preserve your results into the future. In her experience, “quick fixes” result in short-lived outcomes that fall below a patient’s expectations. At your consultation, Dr. Flint performs a comprehensive exam of your face and skin, reviews your relevant medical history, and evaluates the particular areas of concern. She then develops a personalized program to help you look better refreshed now and continue to look your best as time goes on.