Information for
Out-of-Town Patients


About Your Consultation

We can provide an informative, comprehensive consultation process, no matter where you happen to reside. Depending on your individual circumstances, Dr. Flint and our Patient Care Coordinators will work with you to determine the best plan.


In-Office Consultation

For patients who choose to visit for an in-office consultation, Dr. Flint will meet with you to discuss your areas of concern and help develop a treatment plan that best suits your unique anatomy and individual goals. As a traveling patient, there are some additional requirements and precautions you will need to consider. Dr. Flint and our Patient Care Coordinators will walk you through any necessary aftercare or recovery guidelines that are pertinent to your ability to travel.


Phone Consultation


Tips for Taking “Before” Photos

Facing the camera

Left side towards the camera

Right side towards the camera

Body angled 45 degrees to the left

Body angled 45 degrees to the right


Scheduling Your Surgery


Preparing for Surgery


Precautions & Safety

If you are a smoker, you will need to cease smoking at least two weeks in advance
Avoid taking vitamin supplements for at least 10 days before and after surgery

Do not take supplements or ingest food or drinks that contain ingredients that slow blood clotting or thin the blood, such as aspirin or green tea

Create a comprehensive list of any medications, vitamins, or supplements you regularly take, including dosages to share with Dr. Flint


Aftercare & Recovery


Planning Your Visit


Common Procedure & Recovery Timelines

Getting Around Scottsdale

Airport Information

What to Do*