“As a female surgeon, I feel I share similar perspectives with my patients regarding a desire to appear rejuvenated and fit. I can easily understand the desire to recoup what cannot be accomplished in the gym or with diet. I identify with the improved self-esteem that can be obtained following an excellent result from cosmetic surgery. I listen to my patients’ goals and strive to create excellent, natural results.”


Dr. Patti Flint
June 1, 2022 Published by

What makes for a good breast surgery outcome? Think for a minute about what you might want in a breast augmentation. Close your eyes and really envision it. What would you want for yourself in the short and long term? Do you feel like you need to consult with someone else on the answer to that? What does that say... Read the full post

May 23, 2022 Published by

The dreaded double chin. Do you know it?  If so, I want you to know you don’t necessarily need surgery to get rid of it. Let’s talk about Kybella. Kybella gets rid of unwanted fat under the chin The clinical name for double chin is “submental fullness.” This accumulation of fat in the under chin area can happen to both men and... Read the full post

May 18, 2022 Published by

If you are a man considering plastic surgery and you’ve found your way to this blog post, you’re not alone. About 11% of plastic surgery patients are men, and while that may not sound like a large percentage, it IS a large number of men who are seeking to look and feel better and taking actual steps to do something about it. That’s a... Read the full post

April 26, 2022 Published by

When many people think about surgery, they picture it happening in a hospital setting. However, since 1970 when the first ambulatory surgical center (ASC) was opened, more and more patients (and surgeons) have been enjoying the benefits of standalone surgical centers over hospitals. I am one of them! I opened my Scottsdale McCormick Ranch Surgical (MRS) center in 2017. Conveniently... Read the full post

December 27, 2021 Published by

“The eyes are the windows to the soul,” is a popular quote by Peng Liyuan. That may be true, but the eyes are also the windows to your true age. Many patients who come to me to discuss facial rejuvenation concentrate almost entirely on their neck and jowls. However, so many signs of aging appear in and around the eyes.... Read the full post