Healthy skin is the cornerstone
of a youthful appearance.

skin care

If your skin isn’t in good shape, even the best facial plastic surgery won’t benefit you as much as it should. A professionally guided skin care program can benefit anyone.

  • Improve your skin’s appearance, thus enhancing your overall appearance
  • Protect your skin from further damage and help prevent premature aging
  • Postpone the need for facial rejuvenation surgery and save money on expensive corrective treatments
  • Help reduce your risk for skin cancer and other skin diseases
  • Help prepare your skin for any desired rejuvenation surgery
  • Help preserve your result from rejuvenation surgery

While many patients are now well aware that sunscreen should be a daily habit, few know that applying an anti-oxidant prior to sunscreen increases protection from the sun and other environmental hazards nine-fold.

How do you know your skin care routine is effective? Consult an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.

Why you should choose skin care from a physician

Skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, so it is no surprise that many patients we see use over-the-counter products, many of which are very expensive. Unfortunately, it is also no surprise when we hear that these products are not effective. Here is the reason:

For consumer protection, the FDA tightly controls the strength of active ingredients in products sold over-the-counter. This includes “premium” cosmetic-counter products as well as brands sold through your neighbor.

“I do my own skin evaluations. I perform all injectable treatments and deeper peels myself, too. I feel patients deserve the time and attention of a board certified plastic surgeon for all treatments delivered in my practice.”
Patti Flint, M.D.

Physician-only skin care is usually more cost-effective

Products supplied by a physician’s office go through rigorous testing to prove that they are safe and effective. Since their use is monitored by a doctor, medical-grade products can contain a prescription-strength potency of active ingredients, which is often needed to produce the desired effect. When you purchase medical grade skin care from a qualified physician:

  • You will get the right products for your skin type and goals
  • These products have a high enough potency to work as you want them to
  • Your money will be well-spent on results, not hype

Dr. Patti Flint designs personalized skin care programs so your skin can get exactly what it needs to return to health and vibrancy.

Dr. Flint’s three-pronged approach to facial rejuvenation

In Dr. Flint’s experience, the best results with facial rejuvenation are achieved by a comprehensive, three-pronged approach: skin care, non-surgical injectable treatments, and surgery, if needed. Surgery alone does not always provide the best results. Likewise, at-home skin care products alone may not be enough to see real change if aging has progressed beyond the earliest stages.

Combining treatments such as injectable fillers, BOTOX, chemical peels, skin care, and when appropriate, surgery, allows Dr. Flint to address multiple issues in the most effective way possible. Aging does not occur in only one layer of the anatomy, and the synergy offered by combining treatment types allows for natural appearing, long-lasting results.