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Natural Results

How does Dr. Flint get such natural results with her facelift procedures? She repositions facial tissues into areas they lived in during an earlier time in your life, not into unnatural positions where they never lived. Additionally, she uses a double layer technique, so the deeper tissues of the face that sag, causing jowls and sagging necks, are snugly tightened, but the skin is gently re-draped with no tension. The deep tissues are moved up, because that is where they were in early adulthood, but the skin goes back. No tension should ever be applied to the skin as it can distort your ear or hairline, creating an unnatural tightness in your face.

Three-Prong Approach

Dr. Flint encourages her patients to embrace her three-prong approach to facial rejuvenation. She emphasizes that surgery alone does not always provide the best results.

If your skin is not in excellent shape, it diminishes the result, so Dr. Flint prescribes personalized skin care programs and chemical peels. Additionally, some surgeons in the past used tension to flatten the deep lines that can occur between your nose and mouth or around your lips. This tension distorts your features and should be avoided. Instead of tension, Dr. Flint often recommends fillers to elevate the wrinkles and fill furrows, resulting in a more natural appearance.

Choosing a Surgeon

When considering facial rejuvenation, it is so very important that you select the appropriate Scottsdale cosmetic surgeon to evaluate your appearance and to perform the procedures. Because there are no scope of practice laws in Arizona, a doctor does not have to undergo even one day of training in a plastic surgery residency program to call themselves a plastic surgeon.

To ensure your safety, ask your doctor which medical board has certified them. If it is not the American Board of Plastic Surgery, you may want to keep looking. Seek a surgeon with a great deal of experience, and don’t be shy about asking how many of the desired procedures the doctor has performed.

Passion For Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Flint has a passion for facial rejuvenation surgeries. She performs three to four times more facelifts per year than the average reported by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Call or use our online form to arrange a consultation with her so she can personally help you regain the appearance you desire.