Sun damaged skin is a common problem in Arizona. And with sun damage comes excessive pigmentation and blotchy skin color. In the past, trying to improve unsightly skin pigmentation has proven frustrating, as over-the-counter products simply didn’t work and most doctor-prescribed products came with side effects. Not to worry; help is on the way!

Advancements in Pigment-Restoring Products

Healthy skin is uniform in color and texture. Removing existing pigment and preventing new pigmentation from developing requires a multi-prong approach. SkinCeuticals® has some of the best pigment-producing products available, and they have now developed an Advanced Corrective Peel. This peel caught the discerning eye of the beauty editor at Vogue magazine and was featured in the February 2016 issue. Not only does it help remove the pigmented cells on the surface while exfoliating surface imperfections, it also maximizes absorption of your daily home regimen, further improving your skin’s appearance.

What to Expect

This peel is performed in our office and does not require anesthesia or sedation. Degrees and length of peeling are variable from patient to patient and largely depend on pre-peel skin preparation. Most people are done peeling within just four to six days. When performed in a series of three to four peels spaced three to four weeks apart, the results can be very dramatic.
Don’t put up with dull blotchy skin just because it is winter. Now is a great time to work on your skin’s appearance prior to the long, dry days of summer! Call the office today to schedule a skin care evaluation and start down the path to beautiful skin.

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