Volbella® XC Lip

Smooth vertical lip lines and restore a fuller,
more youthful lip contour

Fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss aren’t limited to the eyes and cheeks. The aging process affects the mouth too, resulting in lips that appear thin and lined. Lifestyle factors such as smoking and excessive sun exposure accelerate this process.

If you are bothered by vertical lip lines or have noticed your lips aren’t as plump as they used to be, Juvéderm VOLBELLA® XC injections may help. VOLBELLA is specifically formulated to achieve naturally soft and smooth results when used in the lips.

How VOLBELLA works to smooth vertical lip lines

“One filler fits all” does not work when it comes to non-surgical facial rejuvenation. To achieve a natural look, a lip filler needs to be thin enough to spread into the thin vertical lines that form and enhance shape without creating a too-full look or overly firm feel. However, we also want the filler to last a reasonable amount of time.

VOLBELLA is formulated to achieve these goals, using a proprietary technology called VYCROSS. Basically, VYCROSS cross-links different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid particles, which helps the product spread thin where needed and add structure where needed. As a result, VOLBELLA both smoothes vertical lip lines and subtly enhances lip volume.

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Why consider VOLBELLA injections in Scottsdale?

Dr. Patti Flint performs all filler injections personally at her Scottsdale and Mesa offices to ensure her patients benefit from her extensive training, experience, and knowledge of facial anatomy as a board certified plastic surgeon.

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