Dr. Flint performs all types of cosmetic surgical procedures, including facelifts, browlifts, eyelid surgery, chin implants, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuction, lower body lifts, breast augmentation, and breast lifts. She also provides skin care evaluations and skin care products, as well as as Juvéderm and BOTOX.


Body contouring procedures are often pursued by a wide variety of Arizonans, from those who have been successful with massive weight loss, to those who have stubborn areas of fatty deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise, to women who want their pre-maternity curves back. The results can be quite dramatic. If you have been frustrated by an inability to attain the shape you desire, it is a good idea to consider a consultation with Scottsdale plastic
surgeon Dr. Flint.

breast shaping

Cosmetic procedures for your breasts can involve augmenting or enhancing them with implants, improving their shape by performing a breast lift, or downsizing them with a reduction. All of these procedures result in more aesthetically pleasing breasts. These procedures can also frequently improve your self-confidence.


If you can tell someone has had cosmetic facial surgery, it wasn’t done well.
Dr. Flint is fully committed to creating natural results. She points out that
younger faces don’t look stretched or tight, so neither should you. A refreshed
version of you should be the goal, not looking like someone your friends and
family don’t recognize.

for men



Men in Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix—as well as all over Arizona—are starting to realize what many of their female counterparts have known for quite some time: looking as young as you feel is a great benefit. Almost 800,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on men in the United States last year.
Dr. Flint truly enjoys assisting men in pursuing natural-appearing results from plastic surgery. She performs all of the most common procedures pursued by male plastic surgery patients, including liposuction, rhinoplasty, male breast reduction (gynecomastia), and eyelid lifts.