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What you need to know about “mini” facelifts

There are different types of facelifts, and many are marketed very effectively. They promise short scars, short procedure times, and short recoveries. Dr. Flint feels many of these procedures only provide short-term results. If you have lax skin in your jowls and neckline to a significant degree, a “mini-facelift” will not provide long-lasting results. You are much better off having a formal facelift that has a two- to three-week recovery, but which provides ongoing results that keep you indefinitely looking younger than other people your age.


Choosing Dr. Flint for your facelift


Preparing for a facelift

During your consultation, Dr. Flint discusses the procedures best suited to your goals.
She also recommends a scientifically based skin care program to prepare your skin for surgery.
You are asked to obtain pre-operative blood work and possibly an EKG to ensure your health and safety.
If you smoke, you will need to quit smoking well in advance of your surgery and remain nicotine-free for a
month following surgery; smoking impairs healing and increases risk of complications.

Facelift surgery: what to expect
After your facelift surgery

Dr. Flint will see you at approximately one week, 10 days, three weeks, and six weeks after your facelift procedure, as well as at three, six, and twelve months post-operatively. Special follow-up schedules are arranged for patients who have come in from out of town for their surgeries. Dr. Flint strongly prefers her out of town patients to stay in the Scottsdale area for approximately ten days post-operatively so that she can personally oversee your early recovery. Most importantly, Dr. Flint will see you anytime that you have a concern.

Learn more about facial rejuvenation in Scottsdale and Mesa

A facelift can be a rewarding procedure that helps you look better and more refreshed and feel more confident in your appearance. Dr. Flint takes an individualized approach to facial rejuvenation. You are encouraged to explore the various options for facial rejuvenation in Scottsdale and Mesa.