I am writing this letter to you to thank you and let you know how happy I am that I chose you as my plastic surgeon for my recent abdominoplasty. I am thrilled with the results, and if I opt for another procedure in the future I will definitely choose you to perform my surgery.

When I initially called your office to schedule the consultation, your staff was very friendly and accommodating. I had specific timeline restrictions, and in retrospect did not really call your office early enough, but your staff worked with my specific needs. They were able to arrange the consultation and surgery successfully within the timeframe I required ….



I just wanted to write you a note to say thank you for not only doing an amazing job on my new “girls” but for being a great doctor all around. I had no worries on my surgery day and feel so thankful I had you as my doctor. Thanks for answering all my mom’s questions and being so helpful to me and her. I have new confidence and love for my body and I thank you for that so much. I hope you have a great day, and I am sure you will see me, my mom, and friends again soon! — Sam XO


I just wanted to say thank you for the greatest experience of my life. It was difficult enough to decide on surgery, but after choosing Dr. Flint, I felt confident in my decision. The results are fantastic, and I am truly comfortable in my own body now. Not to mention I love buying new summer clothes already—it’s only been four weeks after my breast augmentation surgery! I wish I would have had the surgery a long time ago. Thank you to Dr. Patti Flint and staff for my new beautiful breasts and confidence. I also sincerely appreciate the time you have spent with me. Your honesty is refreshing. And I have NEVER had a doctor respond to my concerns within hours! You are amazing. I wish the best for you and your staff. Until we meet again in 3 months.

“Jim’s Tummy Tuck”

“I feel rejuvenated”

I want to express my sincere “thank you” to all of you for the wonderful experience I have had over the past two years. My “refreshed” facelift is so natural, and all that saggy skin on my face and neck are gone. I look and feel wonderful. My eyes seem to be the biggest change that people notice, and I can now wear eye shadow and actually see it. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Your team and skills are the reason.



I had been considering a breast augmentation for many years. As much as I desired the surgery, I had several reservations. I did not want to look operated on, and I wanted an appearance that was proportionate to my small frame and lifestyle. After debating the pros and cons, I decided to research qualified plastic surgeons. I asked my other doctors for referrals, looked through local periodicals, asked friends if they knew anyone with positive surgical experiences, and read numerous physicians’ websites. I selected my favorites and went in for consultations with all of them.



My decision to have plastic surgery was not an easy one for me. I tend to be a perfectionist, and I was concerned that I could actually look worse rather than better. I had seen pictures of a number of famous people with whom I would not trade places. I had visited Dr. Flint previously for collagen injections, and though she was naturally my first choice for surgery (should I decide to have it), I was not convinced until I spoke confidentially with her nurse Denise. Her own husband is an orthopedic surgeon, and he spoke very highly of Dr. Flint in the operating room and of her reputation. I also asked friends about other doctors, their methods, and workmanship. I determined that I definitely wanted a surgeon who would keep me in a hospital overnight. In all of my research, I never heard one negative comment regarding Dr. Flint’s surgical expertise.



It has been a year now since I have had the plastic surgery that you performed. I would like you to know that I am very pleased with my plastic surgery experience. I feel more confident and more at peace with myself than I ever have. I had a breast augmentation, lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. I decided to have you as my surgeon after talking to my medical doctors that I have been seeing for years. I had discussed with them that I was going to use you. Every doctor and everyone I knew in the medical field told me that you were an excellent choice. You were very well known and had an excellent reputation. I also have a friend you performed a breast reduction for.



I used Dr. Flint for my face and breast surgery. I was new to the Valley. I did quite a bit of research on the ‘Net. I spoke with other doctors. I went on a number of interviews. I always asked for a call-back from a former patient. Dr. Flint’s patients were the best references. I also checked Phoenix Magazine for the “Top Docs.” The office visit before the surgery was concise and to the point. I received all the information. It was all explained by the staff. The staff is WONDERFUL.