“As a female surgeon, I feel I share similar perspectives with my patients regarding a desire to appear rejuvenated and fit. I can easily understand the desire to recoup what cannot be accomplished in the gym or with diet. I identify with the improved self-esteem that can be obtained following an excellent result from cosmetic surgery. I listen to my patients’ goals and strive to create excellent, natural results.”


Dr. Patti Flint
February 8, 2018 Published by

Breast augmentation was originally performed in the 1960’s. Last year over 300,000 women in the US opted to undergo the procedure. Much has changed about this operation since its development over half a century ago, not the least of which are the implants themselves. If you are considering breast augmentation and are confused about implant options, this article will provide... Read the full post

December 29, 2017 Published by

Today I don’t want to talk to you about natural looking results, plastic surgery or skin care. Today I want to talk about something that most of us don’t talk about enough…kids— Girls, specifically. It’s no mystery that there aren’t a lot of women working in the hard sciences, and it’s not that they can’t or don’t want to. I... Read the full post

November 20, 2017 Published by

Not a day goes by in my office when I don’t shake my head over stories I hear from patients about their experiences receiving “non-invasive” treatments to their faces. There has been an absolute explosion in patient interest in these treatments, including Botox and filler. When performed expertly the results can be truly stunning, however, when performed inexpertly disastrous consequences... Read the full post

October 20, 2017 Published by

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I must make sure that my patients are seeking plastic surgery for the right reasons. While aesthetic procedures are becoming more and more popular (approximately 1.7 million procedures in 2015 alone, a staggering 115% increase from 2000), that doesn’t necessarily mean cosmetic surgery is right for everyone. When a new patient comes to me for... Read the full post

September 8, 2017 Published by

I love a day at the beach as much as anyone, however, when outdoors, especially at the beach or poolside, I make using appropriate sun protection a top priority for both myself and my family. I always tell my patients the earlier they start a consistent sun and skin care regimen, the better their chances are of avoiding many reparative... Read the full post