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What is Erbium laser facial resurfacing?

I am back in full swing after a couple of two week sojourns to my home state of California. The time spent with friends and family was enjoyable and rejuvenative.

Speaking of which, my office underwent a remodeling project in August.

As in I performed a facelift on my beloved nurse Cathy and I personally underwent Erbium laser deep total facial resurfacing. We will be posting our results on Facebook and Instagram, so stay tuned!

What is Erbium laser facial resurfacing?

Erbium is a laser that is used to remove layers of the skin that are damaged due to sun exposure and aging. Even very deep wrinkles can be dramatically improved and in many cases erased. You can expect more even skin tone and smoother texture also.

The treatment is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes only ninety minutes. The first few days are challenging as you must keep your face lubricated with ointment and there is some swelling and moderate discomfort that is treated with medication. By day eight most people can wear tinted sunscreen to cover the residual pinkness. Results are fairly obvious within a week or two, but collagen remodeling continues for six months and your appearance continues to improve throughout this time. This is not a treatment that generally has to be repeated. Less than two weeks out of your life to look at least ten years younger seems worth it doesn’t it? I sure thought so.

Many patients have asked me why I chose to have the procedure done when my skin is in reasonably good repair. (My skin has improved because I use SkinCeuticals products and undergo peels and broadband light treatments.) I am desirous of being pro-active to prevent my fine lines from becoming deep and obvious. Never fear if you are past that point.

The included photos of one of my patients tell quite a tale of what you can expect even if you have waited a bit longer or have not taken great care of your skin!

In other exciting news, my aesthetician Sara who joined my practice in March has expanded our Beauty Benefits membership program and is offering additional innovative treatments such as micro laser peels and profractional laser. If you would like to learn more about these offerings, call the office today and stay tuned for her lunch and learn seminars.

While we all look forward to cooler temperatures, we have been steadily working throughout the summer to bring you even more advanced treatment options and are looking forward to welcoming everyone back in the fall.

We will get you in tip top shape for the holidays!

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