Facial rejuvenation is a passion of mine. Because I started out as a head and neck microsurgeon reconstructing difficult defects under the microscope that occurred due to cancers, I developed a fascination with facial anatomy. In my ongoing study of the aging face, I have learned that the most complete and natural rejuvenation requires a multi-prong approach.

For instance, surgery alone does not make the facial skin look better. Fillers alone do not result in sagging tissues moving back into the position they once occupied. I am convinced that the most natural and long-lasting facial rejuvenation results occur when a combination of maintenance skin care, peels, fillers, BOTOX®, and facial surgery are employed.

Consequently, when I meet with patients in consultation, I develop a personalized plan that addresses their areas of concern, but also provides them with a long-term program that will help them preserve their time and financial investment in their result. Many times, the treatment plan is adopted in a step-wise fashion; other times, a complete rejuvenation is enacted in one session. In my opinion, the key is individualizing the program for each patient.

My commitment to providing long-lasting, natural results is unwavering. Consequently, I continue to attend multiple continuing medical education seminars a year.

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