“Many patients that see me regarding facial rejuvenation concentrate on their jowls or their necklines, and while I examine them I notice that they also have aging changes around their eyes. In my opinion, creating harmony with any of these procedures is very important, and if there are aging changes around your eyes and you only concentrate on your neck or jowl, you do create a more obvious operated appearance. In those patients I suggest that we at least consider including the eyes in any facial rejuvenation surgery or procedure to give them a more natural and harmonious result.

“When patients are more concerned about aging issues around their eye area, I examine them to determine exactly what is causing that. Brow-mouth position can be part of it; excess upper-lid skin or bags underneath the eyes can all lead to a more aged appearance. I design each procedure based on that particular patient’s complaints and anatomy. Overall, the results should be a more natural appearance and you should always end up looking like yourself, just a more youthful version.”