Dr. Patti Flint

The Evolution of my Plastic Surgery practice in Scottsdale

I truly feel lucky to be in practice at a time when so many advancements in plastic surgery have, and continue to occur, including the advent of new techniques, technologies and treatment options that allow me to provide my patient’s better and more natural looking results.

In today’s “digital age” information is literally at our fingertips, and those in the public eye are much more open to discussing the “work” they have had done. Because of this, I feel as though people today have a better understanding of what makes us “look old” and are beginning to realize that taking preventative measures (often non-surgical) earlier in life can help to combat many visible signs of aging. This ounce (sometimes more) of prevention can help women and men go through life maintaining a natural “unaltered” appearance all the while, looking very good for their age.

As my practice has evolved, it has become more comprehensive, which allows me the ability to provide my patients the types of procedures and treatment options they desire and require— to maintain their best appearance possible. Today, I offer my patients more non-surgical options than ever before. I am a firm believer that the more options we have, the more individualized approach I can take with my patients, and it’s this more individualized approach, combined with my background, training, and board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, that ultimately leads to better outcomes.

The science of skin care has also advanced immeasurably during my career. When you couple that with many of the non-invasive treatments that I offer, a great many of my patients can put off “going under the knife” for quite some time. When my patients reach the point when their genetics, environmental factors and quite frankly— gravity, has taken its toll, that’s when we start looking at surgical options.

One thing that I focused on early in my training is how to blend art and science to achieve natural looking results. After surgery my patients look like a better more youthful version of themselves, not like somebody that appears different to their friends, family, or coworkers. Outcomes like this are essential for any successful plastic surgeon, as most patients don’t seek out cosmetic surgery with the goal of truly looking different. My patients want to look natural and refreshed, not unrecognizable.

My philosophy is— if I can’t achieve a natural looking result, then I won’t perform the procedure. Thus my goal is generally always to “put things back where they started”. For example, when meeting with a prospective face lift candidate, I ask that they bring in photos of themselves at younger stages of life. Then I design their surgery to help recreate what once was. I speak to my patients about the fact that I cannot achieve a desirable outcome by pulling and stretching their skin. Stretched tight skin does not look good or natural on anybody, at any age.

An overwhelming majority of my patients come back after surgery and say, “Nobody really noticed”. They just asked if I’d had a restful vacation if I’d lost weight or changed hairstyles. That’s when I as a plastic surgeon can celebrate—when I know no one asked my patient: “Did you have plastic surgery?”

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