There aren’t too many people I know who would not partake of a fountain of youth if it became available, but when it comes to aesthetic medicine and surgery, it seems that the cart sometimes gets put before the horse. The latest sensation falling into this category are stem cell-assisted facelifts.

An article was recently posted in the Los Angeles Times regarding the procedure, naming two plastic surgeons who are performing it. The problem with that is, there is not a shred of medical evidence that harvesting stem cells from a patient’s fat and injecting them during a facelift does anything other than lengthen the procedure and lighten the patient’s wallet.

I am very hopeful that, with further research, scientists will be able to develop ways to use stem cells to treat many things. Research is being done regarding using stem cells in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, vertebral disc disease, and anti-aging. However, until there is scientific evidence that these stem cells actually have been proven effective in rejuvenating the face, I feel it is unethical to market this treatment as the next fountain of youth.

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