I am extremely excited to announce the additional expansion of my skin care treatments to include in-office TCA peels. I have long desired to expand my in-office skin care treatments, and have always been pleased with the results TCA peels provide, but in the past, I only performed this procedure in the operating room.  This procedure is not invasive and requires only twenty minutes of sedation.  I will have a board certified anesthesiologist in the office providing sedation so the peel can be done safely and comfortably in the privacy of my Scottsdale office during a one hour appointment.

There seems to be a great deal of confusion about what facial peels have to offer. Peels are done with a variety of different acids of varying strengths, consequently it is difficult for potential patients to know what results can be expected. I have two licensed aestheticians that provide light glycolic peels in the office. These peels provide excellent skin brightening without the need for sedation or down time. Given in a series, while on a skin care maintenance regimen, excellent improvements can be obtained. These peels do not change pigmentation or wrinkling, but do remove superficial skin cells of the epidermis that can create a dull appearance to the skin.

TCA peels also come in a variety of strengths. I prefer a 30-35% concentration as it affects the deeper layer of the skin called the dermis. In my opinion, this type of peel at theses strengths should be applied by a physician with significant training and experience in skin and wound care. The skin must be prepped with a six week skin care program at home prior to undertaking the peel, so that maximal results can be obtained with minimal risk of healing problems. A recovery time of seven to ten days is required during which significant skin peeling will occur. While the peel itself would be uncomfortable without sedation, the recovery is not painful. Your face will feel tight, but pain is not an issue. Oral antibiotics and medication to prevent fever blisters or cold sores are prescribed.  The skin will remain pink for two to three weeks and sun exposure must be limited during this time.

This peel results in a reduction in brown pigmentation and sun damage as well as softening fine superficial lines. In conjunction with filler treatments, it can also dramatically soften lines around the mouth. Caution must be exercised in dark skinned individuals as excess pigmentation or loss of pigmentation can occur with increased frequency.

Maintaining a skin care regimen at home will insure that the results are preserved. Outdoor activities are not forbidden after the first ten days, but broad spectrum sun block is necessary for protection. The results of these peels generally last twelve to eighteen months. If you are already on one of my skin care programs, call my staff to determine the appropriate steps to take to prepare for a TCA peel. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the benefits a skin care program can provide, please call on me to help design a program for you. Together we can get your skin in better shape and keep it that way over the long term.

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