I have begun offering epidermal skin peels to increase the impact my skin care programs have on your skin’s health and appearance. Epidermal peels treat the surface of the skin, and therefore have limited-to-no downtime. Certain peels are designed to remove unwanted pigmentation, others are designed to provide a healthy glow, and still others are designed to minimize fine lines. They have their greatest effect when given in a series of four to six treatments, two to four weeks apart. They are a tremendous adjunct to a maintenance skin care program.

I am happy to report I currently have two licensed aestheticians in my practice, Joan and Cassie, who are extremely knowledgeable about these treatments and can assist you in developing a peel program that achieves your goals. All of my staff attends monthly skin care training sessions so that we can offer the most up-to-date information, products, and treatments to my patients.

I really hope you will take advantage of these new and exciting services for facial peels. If you are already on a Skinceuticals program, please make an appointment to discuss the addition of epidermal peels to your treatment plan.

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