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We have all seen advertisements and infomercials about anti-aging “miracles in a jar” or the “magical” laser that erases ten years of aging in one treatment with no downtime. I know I sound like a broken record when I suggest the old adage below, but it never ceases to amaze me how many unfortunate souls believe these claims and waste time and money on them. I guess hope springs eternal, but please remember that when it comes to facial rejuvenation treatments, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

Very much like diet without exercise or vice versa, no single treatment is going to solve all anti-aging problems. We are fortunate to live in an era when there are many efficacious anti-aging treatments available; however, knowing which treatments will accomplish your specific goals is the hard part, particularly if you are not an appropriately-trained medical professional. Even more concerning is the fact that there are non-medical “professionals” offering up this type of advice on a daily basis in spas and various clinics everywhere.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to have followed the training path that I did. While it was lengthy, I learned on an in-depth and up-close level anatomy, surgery, and the physiology of healing and aging. This wide-ranging exposure has allowed me to assist patients in developing a treatment plan for themselves that has the best chance of accomplishing their goals.

If you have never trained in surgery and consequently can’t (or shouldn’t) perform it, it is easy to over-rely on injectable treatments such as filler and BOTOX and never refer a patient for surgery, even if that is the right treatment for them. Also, if you learned how to inject filler and BOTOX at a weekend course designed for non-surgeons, it is impossible to appreciate the nuances of anatomy that can affect results. More importantly, knowing how to avoid the very rare filler complications that can occur, and understanding how to implement timely treatment in their event, is vitally important, and can be a bit of a stretch for inadequately trained or non-clinical injectors.

Skip over fads for scientifically proven anti-aging treatments that have stood the test of time

Another advantage I have is that I am a bit skeptical by nature. Consequently, I am never the first one on the bandwagon of a new treatment or the last one off. In my chosen field, there are new devices and treatments becoming available all the time, and sometimes the zeal to offer something new trumps the need to wait for good data on efficacy and improvements from the treatment, which almost always occur after it has been in general use for some time.

In this regard, I am now providing microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, in my practice. This treatment is done in the office under topical anesthesia and involves creating tiny holes in the collagen layer of the skin with very small needles. Healing these mini-injuries results in more organized and thicker collagen, which improves skin texture and can reduce pigmentation. The first generation of devices were somewhat barbaric rollers with needles in them. The injuries created were not uniform or controlled.

Current devices are much improved with control-depth needles in an electric pen-type device. At the time of treatment, antioxidants can be placed on the skin that are then pushed into the deeper layers, providing additional improvement in absorption. After treatment, most patients look like they have a light sunburn for 24-48 hours and their skin may be a little dry. After that, the improvements start.

A knowledgeable provider is the best asset you can have for facial rejuvenation

The training I have undergone to be a surgeon, injector, and skin care professional prevents me from ever being even slightly tempted to compromise my commitment to providing natural results, because I have many tools in my toolbox. I don’t just have a hammer, so the whole world does not resemble a nail! I design individual rejuvenative treatment plans based on the patient’s desired outcome, taking into consideration their budget and available recovery time. For those of us over fifty, it is rare that a combination of scientifically-based medical grade skin care, BOTOX and filler, as well as surgery are not going to be the best approach for providing the most complete results. The synergistic effects of these treatments can provide dramatic improvement compared to single modality treatment.

Having a trusted professional who has your best interest at heart and who can educate and guide you in deciding which treatments in what combination are best for you is imperative and invaluable. As a provider, I know that listening to what results the patient wants is vitally important to this process, and also that more treatment is not always better! I am frequently telling patients that they do not need more filler or surgery. Balance is so very important in facial rejuvenation. Unfortunately, we have all seen scary-looking celebrities that have had too much surgery, as well as people with unnaturally sized lips or “frozen” faces associated with too much filler or BOTOX. Additionally, some providers never take the time to inform patients that surgery does not improve the texture, pigment, or general appearance of the skin. Even the best facelift in the world does not make a patient look as good as they should if the patient’s skin looks like naugahyde leather.

Finally, I will close with this: I am aware that some patients prefer to tip-toe into rejuvenative treatments while others dive. I understand and respect both preferences and am comfortable with either approach. Most importantly, before having any rejuvenative treatments, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to ensure you are obtaining a thorough evaluation from a professional that is capable of providing the combination of treatments that would benefit you. Then, whether you tip-toe or jump in with both feet, you will know your results will match your desires.

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