(Nose Job) Video

“Healing is not an exact science. And while I wish it was, there’s no way I can guarantee a picture I drew on a computer screen is how you’re going to heal. What I rely on is my 13 years of performing rhinoplasty and my true love for the procedure. I’ve created many excellent results, and I think my patients feel very confident going into the procedure that the photos they show them of my patients are real results, unlike what you see on a computer screen.

“Revision rates for rhinoplasty can be as high as 25% nationally. In my practice, they’re under 5%. The reason for that is I make sure the patient and I are on the same page at the outset of the procedure. I also look at photos that they like of noses that they are trying to create. If I can’t accomplish that goal, I help re-direct them, help them develop realistic expectations so we’re both happy with the procedure and revision is exceedingly unlikely.”