“My philosophy about getting natural results is probably most important when it comes to facial rejuvenation. I think that no one should ever feel like they have to look stretched or tight to be rejuvenated. In fact when these procedures are done appropriately the deeper tissues may be put on some tension, but the skin is gently re-draped and you never have to look like you’re in a wind tunnel to enjoy the results of a facelift.

“If you start to notice changes in your face that are associated with aging that’s the time to have your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon about what procedures might benefit you. Certainly chronological age is a concern for many of my patients, but frankly that doesn’t matter a lot to me. What does matter to me is health history. If you’re a healthy individual and you’re not smoking and you show aging signs in your face, you’re a good candidate for consideration for facial rejuvenation procedures.”