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When it Comes to Filler and BOTOX Treatments, Make Sure the Doctor is In

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Being different isn’t always a bad thing, particularly when it comes to providing cosmetic treatments. I know it is very popular these days for physicians to employ “physician extenders” or “nurse injectors” to treat their patients with BOTOX and fillers. These nurses and physician assistants are often very intelligent, well-trained individuals; however, they did not go through rigorous years of residency training. More commonly they are sent by their physician employer to weekend seminars to learn how to inject these products.

Learning how to inject the products is not the hard part. Evaluating the patient’s face and thoughtfully and artfully suggesting treatments that improve the their appearance requires far greater experience, training, and expertise. I see far too many patients in my practice who express concerns about being made to look unnatural. Their concerns are well-justified based on many people I see walking around Scottsdale.

There are rules called “The Golden Proportions,” that exist in beautiful human faces. If an injector is not aware of these, aesthetically appealing results are rarely obtained. Let’s take lips for example. When the upper lip is injected to the point that it is equal in size to the bottom lip, the mouth looks unbalanced and unnatural. And yet, I see this appearance frequently. If one is unaware of the appropriate proportions, it can be difficult to exercise constraint in injecting. Particularly if the injector is working on a commission basis!

Do your homework and seek out a practice where the doctor is willing to take the time to meet with you personally, evaluate your areas of concern, and develop a comprehensive treatment program to provide your desired results. It is worth any extra effort or expense you may incur to get it right the first time.

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