Liposuction can do what no other surgery can; it reduces or eliminates spot deposits of fat that can blemish an otherwise trim silhouette. Thus it is no surprise that liposuction continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, year in and year out, because it can create pleasing, proportionate contours in the body.

The trunk and thighs are often the prime areas of concern, thus body sculpting with liposuction is a great way to achieve a svelte waistline, shapely buttocks, or slim thighs. But the versatility of liposuction allows it to be used throughout the body, including the arms, back, inner knees, calves, and ankles. Liposuction can be used as a standalone procedure or it can supplement and enhance other cosmetic surgical procedures.

Why liposuction?

The body stores fat according to your genetic map. This means your particular fat deposits may stubbornly resist efforts to reduce them with diet or a dedicated exercise program. My patients are often frustrated by having spent numerous hours at the gym targeting problem areas and seeing no results.

Localized fat pockets can make it challenging to shop for clothing because they make a good fit in off-the-rack styles nearly impossible. For instance, your waist may be one size in pants while your thighs are another, so no size fits correctly. Liposuction can remove these troublesome pockets of fat and significantly improve your shape. With a more proportionate silhouette, it is easier to find clothes that fit well, and self-esteem is often improved.

Because the procedure removes fat cells, liposuction results in fairly permanent contour changes. Of course future weight gain can still affect your figure, so it is important to exercise and maintain a stable weight to retain your ideal contours.

Which type of liposuction is best?

Today, numerous “brand-name” liposuction methods that involve lasers or ultrasound are being hyped by their manufacturers. After reviewing results and all the medical factors involved, I still prefer the super-wet method of liposuction. This proven technique involves injecting a fluid into the target area before inserting a thin tube called a cannula into the body via small, strategically placed incisions. The fat is then suctioned out through the tube.

Combining liposuction with other procedures

When areas of skin and muscles have become lax, as can happen after dramatic weight loss, aging, or pregnancy, surgical removal of the excess skin is required. But liposuction can still play an important part in refining the results of these procedures.

Take, for example, a tummy tuck. The procedure can give you a flatter stomach, but a tummy tuck does not treat nearby fat deposits, such as love handles or fat rolls on the torso. I know my patients are looking for results that are balanced and complete, and so I recommend liposuction to fine-tune a tummy tuck when appropriate.

Almost any kind of body-enhancing lift, whether for the thighs, breasts, or arms, can be complemented with liposuction. A complete mommy makeover often includes liposuction to create pleasing final contours.

Interested in body contouring?

Liposuction alone may deliver the results you hope for, or perhaps your goals will be best met by a combination of surgical approaches that include liposuction. During a consultation, I discuss the options available and help you understand which procedure is appropriate for your concerns. Contact my office to learn more about liposuction and other body contouring options.

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