After childbearing, our bodies change, and not always in a good way. In spite of a good diet, and exercise program, there are just certain things that will not snap back to the way they were before kids. It can be a bit depressing to accept that fact, but on a brighter note, there is help available to get that pre-baby body back.

I often am asked when is the best time to have a mommy make-over. The most common procedures included are breast augmentation with or without breast lifting, tummy tuck, and frequently some areas of liposuction. Because both the breasts and tummy change dramatically with pregnancy, it is best to wait until childbearing is completed before breast lifts or tummy tightening procedures are done. Breasts also change dramatically after the completion of breastfeeding so it is best to wait a minimum of three months after completion before being examined. It can be difficult to tell exactly what procedures you need until all the hormonal changes have settled down. Lastly, shedding most of the baby-weight before surgery is beneficial to the ultimate result. It is not always possible to get down to exact pre-pregnancy weight, but close is good.

The recovery period from breast surgery requires three weeks of avoiding any lifting and tummy procedures require six weeks, so it is important to make sure you have lots of help available following surgery if you still have children under three.

The satisfaction rating with these procedures is extremely high. There is only so much you can do in the gym. Don’t beat yourself up! Help is on the way. With a short commitment to some downtime, you can have your old body back.

Patti Flint, M.D., P.C. is a board certified plastic surgeon that strives to ensure that all of her patients are thoroughly educated about the plastic surgery procedures they desire so that they can make a confident, well-informed decision. She is a devoted and experienced professional whose focus is to help her clients feel more beautiful and confident by delivering natural results. Learn more about Dr. Flint and read Dr. Flint’s patient reviews.

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