Dr. Patti Flint

Body Sculpting Options for Men

Many men struggle with body issues related to weight loss or gain, age, and genetics. Women concerned with the same issues have long known to consult with a plastic surgeon for help; we’re glad to report more men are realizing they too can benefit from plastic surgery.

Choosing an Experienced Surgeon

iStock_000016752898LargePlastic surgery for men has risen over 273% since 1997 and more plastic surgeons are responding with options for men. Still, men need to be discerning; they can’t walk into any plastic surgery practice expecting the doctor to be skilled in men’s procedures, even if the procedure they want is listed by name.

For example, a man and woman who each desire a tummy tuck will have quite different goals, and surgeons need to take a different approach to the procedure for each sex. Men looking to improve their physique should thus look for a board certified plastic surgeon that fully understands male aesthetics. The surgeon should have specific experience in using body contouring to create a sculpted, masculine shape, and share before and after photos of their own male patients to demonstrate their expertise.

What Are My Options?

While you may be fit, there are areas of the body that diet and exercise may fail to address. Men tend to store fat in their midsection, making it challenging to achieve a sculpted abdomen. Other men have lost significant weight, but are still contending with excess skin. Body contouring procedures may be used to correct these and other issues that hide underlying muscle tone.

I offer a number of body sculpting options for men:

  • Liposuction is an effective procedure for removing unwanted fat and accentuating muscle tone in specific areas of the body.

These procedure options for men can be performed individually or in combination to address a patient’s needs.

I encourage men to shed any unnecessary concerns about walking into a plastic surgeon’s office for help. At the right office, you’ll feel welcome and comfortable talking about your concerns, and an experienced plastic surgeon will provide you with realistic treatment options. Male cosmetic procedures can improve confidence and quality of life, and with a better body image, patients are more likely to maintain fitness and their long-term health.

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