Dr. Patti Flint

A Better Breast Augmentation

I prefer a natural approach to breast augmentation. What does this mean? It may mean that bigger is not necessarily better. I believe the goal of the procedure should be to create aesthetically appealing breasts; while size is one factor in this approach, it is not the only consideration.

I believe that any breast augmentation should be in proportion to a woman’s body. When I consult with a patient prior to surgery, I evaluate her existing breast size to help determine the appropriate size for her implants. Measuring the width of the natural breast is an important determinant in planning for the surgery, because the existing breast must be able to accommodate the size of the implant under consideration to provide natural-looking results. The thickness of the skin must also be examined to evaluate whether it can successfully cover the implant and prevent rippling.

I also evaluate a woman’s frame when developing a surgical approach for augmentation. To maintain an aesthetically pleasing, balanced silhouette, a tall woman with a broad chest wall will need a larger implant than a thin petite woman, for example. Fortunately breast implants are available in many sizes and profiles, so I am able to recommend the appropriate implant for virtually any body type.

It’s important that the patient and surgeon develop realistic goals for breast augmentation. While many patients are tempted to ask for the largest implants possible, it may be better to view it from a slightly different perspective: Which size implant do I need to achieve my goals? Implants that are too large will look unnatural and may eventually malposition—certainly an undesired effect. There are additional risks with excessively large implants as well, including stretched skin and loss of sensation.

My practice has a wonderful tool for helping choose the appropriate breast implant size—3D imaging. The simulator allows my patients to virtually “try on” different shapes and sizes, and it has proven to be valuable addition to the planning process. I am pleased to be able to offer this for my breast augmentation patients and feel it is a vital step in choosing an appropriate and tasteful implant size.

Careful planning, open communication, and realistic goals all contribute to a successful, natural-looking result from breast enhancement. If you are considering the procedure, please come in for a consultation so we can have a comprehensive discussion about your breast augmentation goals. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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