Why We Are Different

Sometimes Being Different is Good

Your experience at Dr. Patti Flint‘s plastic surgery practice is extremely important to us. We are aware that the decision to pursue elective aesthetic treatments or surgery can be a daunting task. Outlined below are some of the things that are unique about our practice and very beneficial to anyone considering a consultation.

Our Philosophy

Safety first

Safety comes first; it always has and always will, without exception. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure your safety throughout the entire process.

  • Prior to consult, a patient care coordinator will speak to you by phone to make sure you are healthy enough to pursue your desired treatment.
  • At consultation, Dr. Flint will review your medical history with you in detail prior to suggesting a treatment plan.
  • Only board certified MD anesthesiologists are used in surgery.
  • Dr. Flint operates in a certified, licensed state of the art surgery center so that she can control your experience in the operating room.

Natural results

Dr. Flint’s goal with every procedure and treatment is to produce a natural appearance.

  • Tight faces never look good.
  • Too much BOTOX or filler looks worse than no BOTOX or filler.
  • Inappropriate size breast implants lead to additional surgery.

Comprehensive treatment

An integrative approach provides the best and most natural results in facial rejuvenation, and Dr. Flint will work closely with you to ensure you achieve the best results using the most appropriate procedures, treatments, and products.

  • Dr. Flint develops a personalized skin care regimen for you.
  • Dr. Flint performs all BOTOX and filler injections herself.
  • Dr. Flint performs all surgical procedures without residents or surgical first assistants.

Expert care from an experienced team

We take a team approach to your experience and care, ensuring you feel well-taken-care-of throughout our time working together.

  • All members of Dr. Flint’s staff have at least seven years of experience in the field of aesthetics.
  • The same patient care coordinator speaks with you prior to, during, and after your consultation.
  • A licensed aesthetician is present during all facial surgery consultations.
  • A licensed RN is available in the office at all times to answer medical questions.
  • All staff members attend on-going training sessions on skin care and patient safety.

Patient-centered treatment plans

Dr. Flint takes into account each patient’s individual needs and develops personalized options for treatment.

  • Available time for recovery, financial budget, and patient’s desired outcomes are all considered.
  • Outcomes of previous treatments undertaken are discussed.
  • The patient always makes the final decision as to the desired plan of action.

Patient Experience

We work hard to ensure you have a positive experience, from your very first phone call to your final follow-up. Here are our promises to you:

On-time schedule

Our average wait time for both new and established patients is eleven minutes. If we are running more than fifteen minutes behind, we will refund your consultation fee. We appreciate and value your time.

Thorough education

Dr. Flint will take any time necessary to make sure all of your questions are answered so you can approach treatment feeling comfortable and well-informed. Patient education is vitally important to a successful doctor patient relationship. If you have additional questions following your consult, Dr. Flint will call with or email you answers.

Conveniently located

We have office locations in both Scottsdale and Mesa, and we make every effort to provide your appointments in your desired location. Both offices are near the 101 freeway and offer ample parking. The surgicenter is on site in the Scottsdale location.

Timely treatment

Non-invasive treatments, such as BOTOX and filler injections, are completed at the time of consultation by Dr. Flint. After the consultation, a written financial quote will be provided to you. A registered nurse will then take your “before” photos and prepare you for treatment, which will be provided by Dr. Flint in a procedure room at our office.

All-female staff

Dr. Flint is a female board certified plastic surgeon and she employs all female staff. 89% of all aesthetic patients are women, but only 6% of board certified plastic surgeons in the US are women. Dr. Flint feels it is beneficial to have a woman’s perspective.

Non-commissioned employees

Dr. Flint feels it is important that her staff remain focused on providing exceptional patient care. To that end, Dr. Flint has never and will never employ staff on a commission-basis.


Dr. Flint feels that honesty is pivotal for patient safety and a positive experience. Dr. Flint will advise patients if they are not good candidates for the procedures they desire. If a patient has unrealistic expectations of anticipated results, no treatment is offered. If patients request an unnatural appearance, they are referred to a practice with a better matched philosophy.

Commitment to improvement

Patient feedback is studied and changes are made where needed. Dr. Flint actively seeks feedback from patients by surveying them post-consult and post-surgery. All staff review these surveys and determine areas where better experiences can be provided.

Dr. Flint’s Education

Dr. Flint is a trained microsurgeon:

  • She performed head and neck cancer reconstruction for the first eight years of her practice.
  • She completed a portion of her training at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston
  • Microsurgery requires tremendous attention to detail which makes her a better aesthetic surgeon

Dr. Flint is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

  • She is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
  • She is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
  • She attends at least two plastic surgery educational symposia each year
  • She has more than double the amount of required continuing medical education points

Dr. Flint’s staff are highly trained

  • A licensed RN is in the office at all times
  • A licensed aesthetician performs all in office peels and skin care regimen teaching
  • All patient care coordinators have more than fifteen years of experience in plastic surgery
  • All staff attend weekly teaching meetings conducted by Dr. Flint
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