Facelift Scottsdale

Patients commonly ask when they should pursue facial rejuvenation surgery. The answer has little to do with your age. You should consider these types of procedures when aging issues start to show on your face. Whenever you start to notice deepening wrinkles, sagging skin, or dark spots (hyperpigmentation) is the time to start looking into getting a facelift. There is no specific chronological age at which this happens, since each individual ages at a different pace and in a different way.

When you come in for a consultation visit, Dr. Flint examines you and designs a specific surgical plan to address your specific issues and accomplish your specific goals. She prefers a three-prong approach that includes skin care, cosmetic fillers, and surgery to provide the best results. She is fully committed to providing a natural appearance and never wants any patient to appear stretched or tight following a procedure.

Facelifts at a Glance

There are many different types of facelifts in Scottsdale, and several are marketed very effectively. They promise short scars, short procedure times, and short recoveries. Dr. Flint feels many of these procedures only provide short-term results. If you have lax skin in your jowls and neckline to a significant degree, a “mini-facelift” will not provide long-lasting results. You are much better off having a formal facelift in Scottsdale that has a two- to three-week recovery, but which provides a ten-year result.

What to Expect

Facelift procedures are among Dr. Flint’s specialties. The surgery lasts about three hours. If ancillary procedures—such as brow lifts and eyelid lifts—are performed at the same time, the procedure may take up to five hours. Discomfort is described as mild by most patients. You will experience some swelling and bruising that subside after one to two weeks. Facelift procedures can produce good-looking, natural improvements in many patients, both male and female.

While some patients have anxiety about anesthesia, Dr. Flint always uses board certified anesthesiologists to provide safe general anesthesia. Twilight sleep is not as safe for this procedure, in Dr. Flint’s opinion.

Preparing for a Facelift

Dr. Flint meets with you in a consultation for your facelift at her Scottsdale or Mesa office. During your consultation, she discusses the procedure she feels will suit your goals. She recommends a skin care program to prepare your skin for surgery. You are asked to obtain pre-operative blood work and possibly an EKG and chest x-ray. You will need someone to drive you to and from the surgicenter. One overnight stay in the surgicenter’s recovery care floor is required for a facelift. Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Flint will visit you in the recovery care center the morning after your surgery to remove your bandages and arrange your discharge.

Facelift Recovery

Following your facelift surgery, Dr. Flint will see you at approximately one week, 10 days, three weeks, and six weeks after your procedure, as well as at three, six, and twelve months post-operatively. Special follow-up schedules are arranged for patients who have come in from out of town for their surgeries. Most importantly, Dr. Flint will see you anytime if you have a concern.

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