Scottsdale Mommy Makeover

Having children is one of the most gratifying experiences a woman can have. However, some of the changes that occur in our bodies following childbearing can be stubbornly persistent. Even if you are disciplined enough to work out, eat right, and get back to your pre-baby weight, it’s often difficult to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy shape.

Many women (maybe like you?) have to juggle significant responsibilities, from child care to career. Consequently, you may put yourself last on the priority list, even when you know it’s important to take care of yourself. Many women in the same situation pursue cosmetic surgery improvements like a “mommy makeover” after childbearing. They report feeling more confident and content, and they are frequently happier.

What exactly is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures that address the common concerns new mothers have with their bodies. Mommy makeovers most often include a breast lift with or without implants, a tummy tuck, and perhaps liposuction, but different patients often require a different combination of procedures to correct their concerns. Dr. Flint can tailor a mommy makeover procedure to fit your individual needs and goals.

Breasts: restore volume and improve shape

Many women lose volume in their breasts following hormonal changes and breastfeeding. For a fortunate few, breast augmentation alone can replenish the loss of size.

Most women, however, end up with excess, sagging skin and a “deflated” breast appearance after volume gained during pregnancy and breastfeeding is diminished. In this case, your nipples appear lower, making your breasts look droopy. If this describes you, Dr. Flint often recommends a breast lift with augmentation to reshape the breasts, raise the nipple/areola complex, reduce areolar size, and restore volume.

Before you have a breast lift…

  • Wait until you have completed childbearing, as subsequent pregnancies can re-stretch the skin and result in recurrent drooping.
  • It’s best if you are within 10 to 15 pounds of your ideal weight so that any potential post-procedure weight loss does not result in further lax skin.
  • Wait at least three months after breastfeeding before any elective breast surgery to ensure that all hormone-related changes are complete.

Tummy & body: restore a smoother, flatter abdomen

During pregnancy, a separation can develop between the abdominal muscles to accommodate the growth of your baby. This can destroy the girdle effect these muscles are supposed to have on your lower abdomen. If you are near or at your goal weight and you still have a lower abdominal pouch or “mommy pillow,” most likely your muscular separation is significant and you will need a tummy tuck to correct the issue. No amount of sit-ups or dieting will correct this anatomical problem.

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Flint closes the gap in these muscles with permanent sutures to flatten your abdomen. She also removes excess skin, which smoothes the belly and reduces visible stretch marks.

Why liposuction alone will not usually work

Many women hope that liposuction alone can correct the changes they’ve experienced after childbirth, but this is rarely the case. Please do not waste your time or money on liposuction if you have lax or excess skin on your abdomen. No matter what anybody tells you, the procedure does nothing to shrink your skin significantly. Neither can strict dieting or 1,000 crunches.

Liposuction can, however, help address pockets of fat and refine body contours when performed in tandem with a tummy tuck.

Before you consider a tummy tuck…

It is not possible to safely undergo tummy procedures if you are significantly overweight or if you smoke. Both sharply increase your risk of complications, and smoking impairs healing. Also, as with breast procedures, future pregnancies will cause abdominal skin and muscles to stretch again, so postpone a tummy tuck until you are finished having children.

About Scottsdale mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Flint

During a mommy makeover, abdominal liposuction and/or tummy tucks are performed at the time of breast surgery. You are under general anesthesia during the entire surgery.

All mommy makeover patients spend one overnight in the recovery care center. You are discharged following an examination and visit with Dr. Flint the morning after your surgery. While some surgeons report they don’t use drainage tubes following tummy tucks, their use dramatically lessens early post-operative swelling and speeds recovery. No lifting is allowed for six weeks after a tummy tuck. Most patients can return to light work in one to two weeks, again, depending on the procedures performed.

Mommy makeover procedures are as diverse as the patients who benefit from them, so it is important that you seek a board certified plastic surgeon who is appropriately trained to perform any of the procedures you may need. While it can be difficult to carve out time for yourself with the various demands you face, a fit and confident mommy can benefit her entire family.

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