Choosing Breast Implants for a Natural Result

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures, not only in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa, but in the entire United States. With dramatic improvements in breast implant design and technology, more and more women are undergoing this breast enhancement procedure. When choosing your breast implants, it is important to make your decision under the guidance of a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Patti Flint believes that your breast augmentation results should look and feel completely natural. She will help you choose implants that meet these standards while achieving your desired increase in breast size.

Silicone vs. Saline Implants

Dr. Flint strongly prefers silicone gel breast implants due to their natural look and feel. They also have a lower incidence of rippling than saline implants. Most importantly, it was proven years ago that silicone implants do not result in a higher rate of disease processes in women. Current-generation silicone implants have exceptionally low shell failure rates and contain a very thick cohesive gel that does not ooze out into surrounding tissues in the rare event of a rupture. It is a common myth that breast implants have to be replaced every ten years. While breast implants are not lifetime devices, currently available performance data suggests that the vast majority of implants last longer than ten years.

What About the New Shaped Silicone Implants?

Since 2012, the new, highly-cohesive silicone shaped implants have taken center stage in the breast implant conversation. Popularly known as “gummy bear” implants because of their firmer consistency, these implants hold their shape, allowing for a contoured option in silicone. However, the firmer silicone needed to retain their shape lacks the natural softness of a silicone gel implant. As a result, the breasts will not feel or move as naturally with the highly cohesive implants. Ultimately, while they may be a good option for some, these implants do not necessarily offer superior results.

Choosing the Right Size & Profile

Selecting an implant size and profile that is appropriate for your body is equally important to your choice in implant type, not only for beautiful results, but also for your safety. Going too large increases your risk for complications from surgery and can lead to sagging in the future, making it more likely that you will need revision surgery to correct these problems. At your consultation, Dr. Flint will guide you in your implant choice to determine the size and profile that will best fit your body while achieving an aesthetically pleasing size increase.

Consider Your Lifestyle When Choosing Implants

While you want your implants to look natural, you need to think about how your new breast size will fit into your life. This means taking your personality and your activity level into consideration when you decide to increase your breast size. If you are athletic, you will probably be happier with a more conservative implant size to ensure that you can continue exercising comfortably. In addition, focus on what feels comfortable to you in terms of breast size, rather than what looks good on anyone else.

Get Started on Your New Look at a Personal Consultation

Dr. Flint will make sure your questions are answered in your consultation. She encourages you to do your research about the procedure prior to surgery. When you are ready to discuss your options, contact us to find out how Dr. Flint can help you achieve your breast size goals.

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