Cosmetic Surgery Scottsdale – Information for Out-of-Town Patients

Selecting a qualified plastic surgeon can be difficult enough. Finding the one you want to perform your surgery in a different location can be even more challenging. But some surgeons are worth that extra effort. Because of Dr. Flint’s 16 years of experience, board certification in plastic surgery, and her practice location in “The Valley of the Sun,” she has treated a large number of patients who primarily reside outside of Arizona, including many from Canada and Europe. She and her staff desire to make the long-distance relationship an easy one and have compiled the information here specifically for patients who have to travel to meet and have surgery by Dr. Flint.

Since Scottsdale enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year with a very temperate climate for eight months, it’s no surprise that many patients choose Scottsdale as their destination for their procedures. There are also less than 400 board certified, female plastic surgeons in the country, and not every state has its own. Scottsdale is a resort destination, and accommodations ranging from opulent to affordable and comfortable are available within five miles of Dr. Flint’s office and the surgicenter where she performs surgery. Following a few simple instructions makes flying safe 24 hours before surgery, and depending on the surgery, as early as 72 hours after the procedure.

Timing Your Trip

If you are from out of state, Dr. Flint encourages you to contact her to arrange procedures well in advance of your desired treatment date. You can download all our patient forms from the website and submit them in advance. Dr. Flint will review them to determine if you are a candidate for your desired procedures. She prefers to receive photos of you either by e-mail or mail so that she can suggest what procedure or procedures will accomplish your goals. Generally, the trip for your consultation and surgery can be simultaneous if desired.

The length of post-operative stay in the area depends on the procedures performed. Most facial and breast surgery patients are allowed to travel within 7 days of surgery. Body contouring patients are generally asked to stay for 10 days. Follow-up appointments are arranged on a flexible schedule.

Location & Facilities in Scottsdale

Dr. Flint’s primary office in old town Scottsdale is right across the street from Greenbaum Surgicenter where she operates. The surgicenter is owned and run by a large hospital that is one block away. She uses all board certified anesthesiologists to provide anesthesia for her patients. The facility has a recovery care center on its second floor with all private rooms and a highly qualified and experienced nursing staff. Dr. Flint has used this facility since her practice opened.

Working Together

The staff in Dr. Flint’s office truly enjoys helping out-of-town patients with any and all details associated with having and recovering from plastic surgery in Scottsdale. They work as liaisons so that you only have to concern yourself with relaxing during your recovery phase. Dr. Flint and her staff are available before and after surgery at any time to answer questions, speak by phone, or even review post-operative photos via e-mail. The process is truly seamless, and that is why Dr. Flint frequently finds herself operating on people from the same neighborhoods in far-away locations. Once one patient from an area goes through the process, they encourage their friends to become Dr. Flint’s patients as well.

Getting Started

Before you book your flight to Arizona, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Flint or call our offices so one of the staff members can help guide you down the right path to becoming a new patient. Dr. Flint is a board certified female plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and personally performs all cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures at Greenbaum Surgicenter.

More information for our out-of-town patients is available: