January 30, 2015

Despite devices and products that claim otherwise, cellulite can be an extremely difficult condition to treat. Patti Flint, MD cautions patients against seeking unverified treatments to address this stubborn condition. Video Transcript: Many women have cellulite. I wish there was a great treatment for it. Unfortunately, there are many devices out there that are purported to work and unfortunately don’t.... Read the full post

January 29, 2015

Dr. Flints reviews before and after photos of real tummy tuck and liposuction patients to demonstrate how these procedures can correct different issues. She emphasized how the most appropriate choice is dependent upon a patient’s concerns and desired results.

January 15, 2015

Liposuction may seem like a good option for weight loss, but Dr. Patti Flint emphasizes that patients should be at or near their ideal body weight before pursuing the procedure for a safe and successful outcome. If you have any questions about liposuction, contact our office today. Video Blog Transcript: Hi, I’m Patti Flint. Welcome to my video blog. I’m... Read the full post