Dr. Patti Flint

Benefits of Having Your Surgery in an Ambulatory Surgical Center

When many people think about surgery, they picture it happening in a hospital setting. However, since 1970 when the first ambulatory surgical center (ASC) was opened, more and more patients (and surgeons) have been enjoying the benefits of standalone surgical centers over hospitals. I am one of them!

I opened my Scottsdale McCormick Ranch Surgical (MRS) center in 2017. Conveniently located just off the Pima Freeway/Highway 101, this is where I perform all of my surgeries, although I still see patients for consultations and in-office procedures at my Mesa office as well.

Why did I choose to open my own private surgery center? There were a few reasons, some of which had to do with the general benefits of ASCs over hospitals and some of which were my own personal preference. Let me share my thoughts on the Scottsdale MRS, and why I felt it was an extremely important addition to my practice.

First, a little history . . . The first ASC was opened in Phoenix, Arizona in 1970 by two physicians. They were frustrated by some of the challenges of utilizing hospital operating rooms; for example, scheduling delays, slow operating room turnover times, and equipment limitations due to hospital budgets and policies.

In an ASC environment, doctors have more control over the scheduling of procedures, the skill level of our staff, and the quality and standards of our equipment. All of these things— convenience, skill level, and quality— are things that matter to patients as well. It’s a win-win!

Highest Quality Care

Everything about my operating rooms, from the highest-end machine to the type of bandage available is tailored to what I feel is best for the patient. It takes a number of health care professionals to perform a surgery, and I know each and every one of the highly-trained, compassionate professionals who are by my side. The fact that we work together day after day brings a rhythm and comfort level that allows us to perform our jobs smoothly and efficiently. Sometimes it’s like a symphony in there!

Having an operating room that only performs plastic surgery procedures on healthy patients also helps reduce the risk of infections. And it may sound minor, but when it comes to surgery, even the simple benefit of having the room set up to the surgeon’s preference is a bonus. The less time and energy I have to spend navigating the room, the more I can focus on you. An efficient team also means you spend less time under anesthesia, which reduces your overall surgical risk.


Speaking of you, the decision to have plastic surgery is a very personal thing, and my patients’ comfort and confidentiality are very important to me. The Scottsdale MRS provides women and their families a place to receive the highest quality care in a private, intimate setting. My hope is that you will feel completely at ease as you receive care in this beautiful, state-of-the-art facility.


How can you be sure an ASC is as safe as a hospital for your plastic surgery procedure? The Scottsdale MRS is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Ambulatory Health Care Organizations (JCAHO). This governing body requires the highest standards of any of its kind. A board-certified anesthesiologist will provide anesthesia services, and our operating rooms are fully equipped to respond to medical emergencies. Our support staff are cherry-picked from the best hospitals and have expertise with the complex needs of plastic surgery patients. You are in good hands!

Colleagues of mine also come here to perform plastic surgery procedures so that both they and their patients can enjoy the benefits. I’m thankful to be able to share this gorgeous facility with other surgeons and their patients. If you haven’t seen the Scottsdale MRS for yourself, come by! The center is also home to our SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa, an integrated skin health center offering the most advanced, customized skin care and facial rejuvenation options. For more information on the Scottsdale MRS Center, click here.

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