Many patients that are going to undergo breast augmentation surgery want to do whatever they can to improve their chances of uneventful healing. There are a few subtle tricks that can be employed to create a tolerable and brisk recovery.

Stage I: Immediate post-op period

For the first forty-eight to seventy-two hours, take all prescribed medications as directed. Apply ice packs over your bandages for twenty minutes at a time as often as tolerated. Sleep and rest in a semi-reclined position as opposed to flat to assist in swelling dissolution. Keep your surgical bandage or snug sports bra on to prevent excessive swelling. Minimize activities.

Stage II: Early post-operative healing

Continue taking medications as directed and using ice. Avoid any medications that you were asked to hold pre-operatively (Motrin, Advil, aspirin etc. all cause bleeding). Continue to wear a supportive bra and begin three times a day massage as directed by your physician. Do not judge size, shape, symmetry or position. Do not lift or do any exercise that would elevate heart rate or blood pressure until you hit your three-week point. Begin topical scar treatment at about two weeks out from surgery to assist in scar fading and prevent scar thickening. You may begin exercise at three weeks post-operatively but start slowly.

Stage III: Results

At three weeks you should look great in a swimsuit, but your breasts will still feel a bit firm. Don’t invest in expensive bras until you hit the three-month mark as subtle settling will occur up to this time frame. Protect your scar from the sun and continue once-daily implant massage. Most importantly enjoy, as by three months, your breasts should look great and you can wear and do whatever you like.

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