“As a female surgeon, I feel I share similar perspectives with my patients regarding a desire to appear rejuvenated and fit. I can easily understand the desire to recoup what cannot be accomplished in the gym or with diet. I identify with the improved self-esteem that can be obtained following an excellent result from cosmetic surgery. I listen to my patients’ goals and strive to create excellent, natural results.”


Dr. Patti Flint
April 23, 2012 Published by

Many women who see me in consultation tell me their breasts looked good until they had children. Breastfeeding can lead to undesirable changes. Certainly, childbearing and breastfeeding are wonderfully positive experiences, but it doesn’t seem like you should be left with lifelong undesirable changes in your breasts because of them. Not to worry, there is a solution. Cosmetic breast surgery... Read the full post

April 23, 2012 Published by

Most women know that the lower production of estrogen and progesterone that occurs with menopause can lead to osteoporosis, but few know that it also has a profound impact on the appearance and quality of their skin. Dyness and wrinkling of our skin increase because we lose as much as 30% of our skin’s collagen in the first five years... Read the full post

April 23, 2012 Published by

It has recently been in the news that an 18-year-old actress on the hit TV show Glee had BOTOX® injections and an anti-aging treatment called Thermage® prior to starting on the show. This led to a firestorm of articles on the appropriateness of teenagers receiving anti-aging treatments. Teenagers do not exhibit facial aging and should not be undergoing these types... Read the full post

April 23, 2012 Published by

Many athletic women are lean and consequently have small breasts. It is common for these women to feel as if breast implants might negatively impact their performance or enjoyment of their sport. However, that is a myth. In fact, there have been studies done that show there is no reduction in chest muscle strength or function. Modestly sized implants do... Read the full post

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Who wouldn’t want a flat-toned tummy? Even when we adhere to a diet and exercise regimen, the result is not always exactly what we had hoped for in the tummy department. Child-bearing, previous obesity, and familial traits can all lead to a less-pleasing-than-desired appearance in the abdominal area. If you are among those who are frustrated with the appearance of... Read the full post